The Setup application provides you with all the tools you need to get, well setup.

In Setup you establish your organization, your list of users, subscriptions and payment accounts. But most of all, you setup your list of devices (device setup can be also performed via WebAPI).

If you are a LooUQ Digital River modem owner you maintain your data plan settings inside Setup as well.


The Console web-application is where your view and interact with your devices and data.  Console allows you send commands to your device, view and query data your devices have created using a SQL like query language. For more information on writing queries of your event data, see the guide SQL Event Queries for examples and reference information.


The Web-API interface allows you to interact directly with your devices, allowing you to invoke commands you have built into your project.  

See the Web-API reference guide for iotQi built-in commands and examples. There is also the Using Postman with iotQi Web-API available to help you get started as quickly as possible.