1. Go to Cloud Setup at setup.loouq.com
  2. Click on the Register link to create an account. The registration process also automatically creates a “Trial” subscription. 
  3. Verify your account by replying to the LooUQ Cloud address verification email.
  4. Create your device in Setup. This will provide you with the iotQi connection string and secure access code you will need for your device to converse with LooUQ Cloud.
  5. Choose your device from our GitHub library at the LooUQ GitHub. A good way to start if you are familiar with Visual Studio is to start with the .NET client, which can be run from your workstation.
  6. Use the appropriate development environment for your device to build the LooUQ Cloud sample application and see LooUQ Cloud in action.
  7. Start your engines…
  8. Use Cloud Console console.loouq.com to view your data and command your device.
  9. Use the LooUQ Cloud Web API webapi.loouq.com to command and interact with your device.
  10. Now start modifying your device application to make it part of Your Internet of Things. 

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