For any subscription, you can define a set of rules for matching incoming alerts (device and\or cloud alerts) to notifications.  Notification outputs are a message type (email, text message) and an address.  

Alert\Notification Pattern Matching

When an alert is received…

  • The iotQi cloud will scan the list of Notification Rules, testing each rule’s match patterns
  • If all of the patterns match (logical AND) 
    • The recipient specified in the rule will be notified

Each notification Rule has match patterns for...

  • Alert Name (determined by your device code)
  • Location (device location in Setup)
  • Display Value (determined by your device code)

Alert Name and Location matches support the text matching pattern…

  • your text value Exact match
  • * or <empty> Matches any input (empty will convert the *)
  • my text* Starts with
  • * my text Ends with
  • *my text * Contains

The Display Value field matches text matching (1st priority) or value matching.  Value matching requires the operator to be the 1st character in the match pattern…

  • = 99.9 Equals
  • > 99.9 Greater than
  • >= 99.9 Greater than or equal
  • < 99.9 Less than
  • <= 99.9 Less than or equal
  • ( 11.1, 22.2) Between (2nd value must be larger than the 1st)

Notification Types

Each notification rule specifies a message type; iotQi supports 3 notification message types.  All subscriptions support the 2 email message types; only premium iotQi subscriptions allow text messaging directly to a mobile number.

Most cellular providers support sending text messages to their subscriber’s phones via email; please check with your provider to see how.  The plaintext email option works best for this situation.    By example for the mobile number: 555-123-4567, AT&T and Verizon support this functionality using the email address formats below…

  • Verizon      
  • AT&T         

Message Types Supported by iotQi Notification Rules

Message Type    Address Format
Email (HTML)   
Valid email address such as:
 Email (plaintext)   
Valid email address such as:
Text Message
 Valid US or international (E.164) phone number