The HA-RemoteSense adapter board allows you to rapidly create a remote IoT sensor platform with a Adafruit Feather and a LooUQ iotQc CTA, such as our LTEM1 IoT modem.  

The adapter makes all the connections you need for the Adafruit Feather (the "Feather") and the LooUQ CTA. The LooUQ software drivers use the pinout and connections of this adapter board as their default port assignments.  The CTA draws power from the LiPo battery circuit of the Feather, leveraging the battery and the battery charging circuit of the Feather for both the Feather and the CTA. The adapter board provides a high-efficiency power converter (buck) to step-down external voltage from automobile batteries, solar panels or other DC supplies in the 6 to 30 volt range.

Key Features

  • Supports any Adafruit SAMD (ARM) Feather as MCU, including the new M4 Express
  • Flexible power input, 6-volts to 30-volts DC
  • Board is dimension compatible with Bud #CU-1937-MB enclosure, which is available at

DipTrace schematic and board files attached (see readme for information about DipTrace Lite, a free license for non-profit hobby use).

NOTE: The photo to the right is a prerelease version of the board, the schematics below are release version.  New stock will be available in the LooUQ store in late December. 

A couple examples of the HA-RemoteSense being tested below; both with a LooUQ CTA-LTEM1, one with an Adafruit Feather M0 Express (in case) and one with a Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi (we were gathering out-of-band statistics on our CTA).