LooUQ Cloud doesn't lock you into a specific development platform or set of devices. We develop and test the LooUQ Cloud Client on several of the popular development boards\platforms. Below are the list of tested (supported) platforms.

  • Raspberry PI
    • Raspberry PI 2
    • Raspberry PI 3
    • Raspberry PI 4 (testing now)
  • Arduino (SAMD)
    • SparkFun Thing Plus
    • Adafruit Feather M0
    • Adafruit Feather M0 Express
    • Adafruit Feather M4

LooUQ cloud works with WiFi and our LTEm1 cellular interfaces. 

To include an LTEm1 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IOT cellular modem in your project you can use one of the LooUQ Circuit River Springs to interface the modem to your development device.

  • RPi-Basic: Same form factor as a HAT (but it does not include the GPIO sensing circuit, so we can't call it a HAT). Provides power and SPI\GPIO interfaces.
  • Feather-5: Connects any Feather* form-factor, SAMD based development board. Utilizes the Feather's on-board battery and power circuits to handle those needs.
  • Feather-630: Connects any Feather* form-factor, SAMD based development board. Incorporates a 6v-30v step down (buck converter)  power supply to make powering your application from almost any remote DC power source as easy as possible.
  • Breakout: The Breakouts allow for universal interfacing to the LTEm1. Great for breadboarding your idea or for making connections to other development boards easy. The Breakout includes a LDO based power system for 5v input.
  • Breakout-LiPo: Same as the Breakout above, but the board includes a LiPo (3.7v) battery charger circuit instead of a voltage regulator.