The LTEm1c software driver is a IoT device driver designed for bare-metal and RTOS device environments. If provides abstraction from the internals of the LTEm1 and the BG96 module it contains, which allows you to focus on your project. LTEm1c is written entirely in C99.


LTEm1c was developed using a modular approach to facilitate testing of module services and to make smaller binaries available if your project doesn't need all of the services available. Modules only containing services your project doesn't require are simply not linked at build time.

The repository is available on LooUQ's GitHub LTEm1c Repository on GitHub.

For a more detailed understanding of the library, its functions and data types, take a look at our doxygen generated source documentation.

We also maintain a LTEm1c FAQ.

If you are looking for information about the LTEm1 device or the supporting line up of UXplor development boards please check out this article also on LooUQ Answers.